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Tactical Collar and Leash Set

A leash and Collar that truly handles all levels of work and play!


Our high quality, sturdy dog collar is made from durable high-quality 1000D nylon with neat seams and soft lining making it comfortable to wear. Including double protection with a strong velcro tab and a sturdy, metal quick release buckle making it super easy to put on and remove and secure on your Buddy!


Adjustable Sizing Range

M : 34 - 42cm / 13.5" - 16.5"
L : 43 - 50cm / 17" - 20.5"
XL : 51 - 61cm / 20" - 24"

Measure your Buddies Neck Circumference


With Fast Clip attachment, these no-pull bungee leashes are built tough. 
Made from 1000D double nylon for extra strength and security. With a control handle, allowing for quick control when training or to deal with excessive pulling.

Length Range : 97 - 150cm / 38" - 50"