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Pet Food Measuring Spoon

This smart measuring spoon allows you to properly control portions at feeding time!

Portion control is super important to reduce the risk of Obesity in our Buddies. Obesity is defined as an accumulation of body fat, over and above what is required by the animal for optimal functioning.

In cats and dogs, obesity is known to increase the risk of the following health conditions:

🐾 Joint disease

🐾 Skin disorders

🐾 Cardiorespiratory issues

🐾 Diabetes

Cats and dogs are classed as overweight when they weigh more than 15% above their ideal weight’ the term “obese” is used when a dog or cat weighs more than 30% above ideal.

Recent data have shown that approximately 50% of dogs and 40% of cats in our homes are overweight!
Having a handy, simple way to control portion sizes is the best way to reduce the risk of Obesity and the associated health risks


With a 250ML capacity and a weight range of up to 800gram, this smart spoon is ideal for all breeds and sizes!




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