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Comfort Adjustable Cat Harness

Whether you’re going for a stroll or settling in for a longer trip, this Padded Soft Adjustable Cat Harness is a great harness for your various travel needs.

Please see sizing guide below and check carefully before ordering

Providing even pressure across the chest and shoulders the harness uses breathable material to keep your cat comfortable, plus webbing for added durability.

Available in six colours (black, blue, red, green, burgundy and pink) and has size adjustability. All in all, it’s a great harness to keep your cat safe during travel, even if they’re just headed to the vet’s office.

Customers say the Comfort Adjustable Cat Harness goes on easily and provides good control when you're outdoors or in a new place.

The materials are high quality — just make sure you read the sizing information below(and measure your cat) to ensure a snug fit before you order.

Size reference:

Bust: 34cm  Neck: 24cm  Reference weight 1.5-2.5 kg,
M Bust: 39cm  Neck: 30cm  Reference weight 2.5-4 kg,
L Bust: 46cm  Neck: 34cm  Reference weight 4-6 kg,
XL Bust: 57cm  Neck: 38cm  Reference weight 6-7.5 kg,
The leash is 1.2M long